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Domino has earned a huge fame in tailoring all sorts of attires using high-quality material.

We don’t only stitch clothes for national brands but people from other foreign countries also approach us. Providing all sorts of garments at the customers’ doorsteps is our major priority so that’s why we have made strong business relationships with all the potential clients. Tailors who work with us they have several years’ experience in tailoring all types of clothes. As well as they know how to fulfill the particular needs of all the clients. We have tailored uniforms for hospitals, schools, event management and for other organizations in a large quantity using high-quality material.

All Types of Uniforms

Domino in Kerala is known for tailoring all types of uniforms such as school, hospital, catering, event management and for other industries. To tailor uniform of any size and design.

Wedding Suits for Rent

With stitching all sorts of garments for all the potential guests, we provide wedding suits at rent for men.

School Uniform

Domino has several years’ experience in tailoring all types of school uniforms that helps to search out the dealer who can easily fulfill your business needs.

Hotel Uniform

Domino is a professional supplier of hotel and other uniforms for men. Whatever your business is and your uniform requirements we are here to assist you.

Industrial Uniform

In Kerala, we are a reputed supplier of industrial uniforms for corporate companies, huge and small. We put our efforts in stitching uniforms for hospital, a sports club, etc.

Hospital Uniform

We tailor hospital uniforms not only for staff members but for patients as well. Uniforms which we stitch are thinner and looser than normal attires.